Welcome to the Supply Management Branch

The NIH-Supply Center is led by Ben Meyers with a staff of 23 federal employees and 27 contractor personnel providing supply support to the NIH and its 27 Institutes and Centers.  The Supply Center provides laboratory, medical and administrative supplies to NIH customers on the main campus in Bethesda, Maryland and to 15 off-campus locations throughout Maryland and North Carolina.  The Supply Center is comprised of the Gaithersburg Distribution Center (GDC), a 150,000 square foot warehouse located in Gaithersburg, MD and two retail outlet self-help stores located on the main NIH campus in Buildings 10 and 31.

The Supply Center is an ISO 9001:2008 certified operation which adheres to quality management practices and incorporates Lean and Six Sigma concepts and practices; continuously seeking to improve its’ business model.  The Supply Center also uses Customer Relations Management practices to improve customer satisfaction and to obtain valuable customer feedback on what we can do to better serve the NIH community.

Our vision is to provide NIH customers with the best cost, convenience, and customer service with a customer-focused approach.

Please visit our website at: https://nihsc1.od.nih.gov/.

We welcome your suggestions, questions and comments!

Ben Meyers

Ben Meyers
Chief, NIH Supply Center
Supply Management Branch
Division of Logistics Services
Office of Logistics & Acquisition Operations
(301) 496-5744, ben.meyers@nih.gov

Last Modified On: Sep 05, 2017