IT - Services - Making The Purchase

The requestor must complete a "Purchase Request" form (NIH 1861-1), including potential sources, applicable justification, and all required approval signatures. (Your IC may have other internal procedures to follow).Depending on the required item and source(s), one of the following purchasing mechanisms is used.

Record of Call (ROC)
The DELPRO mechanism used to purchase against Blanket Purchase Agreements or Indefinite Delivery Contracts. The DELPRO Record of Call (“N” order) is used to places orders and obligate funds. This mechanism is processed through the DELPRO portion of the ADB

Government Purchase Card
A simplified acquisition mechanism designed to: 1) reduce procurement lead time and cost of processing purchase orders; 2) streamline payment procedures and reduce paperwork; 3) improve cash management practices such as forecasting and consolidating payments; and 4) provide procedural checks and feedback to improve management control and decision making.

Indefinite Delivery Contract (IDC)
This contract provides for supplies and equipment to be furnished during a fixed period, with deliveries or performance to be scheduled by placing orders with the contractor. A requisition is needed to describe the requirement and funding. A DELPRO Record of Call (“N” order) is used to obligate funds. These contracts are identified by the letter "D" in the DELPRO source number and are accessed through the DELPRO SRC (source) screen.

Purchase Order
An offer by the Government to buy certain supplies or services and construction from commercial sources, upon specified terms and conditions, the aggregate amount of which does not exceed the simplified acquisition threshold.

Purchase Order-Invoice-Voucher (SF44)
A cash purchase procedure designed for purchases when a vendor will not accept any other acquisition mechanism, such as a ROC, purchase order, or Government Purchase card. A voucher delegated to 1) the DELPRO Approving Official for purchases of $1,500 or less; and 2) Office of Logistics and Acquisition Operations and IC Decentralized Purchasing Offices for purchases up to $2,500, if authorized.