Office Of The Associate Director

Brian Goodger

Associate Director, Brian K. Goodger
6011 Executive Blvd / 637C
Phone: 301-496-0158

The Office of Logistics and Acquisition Operations is responsible for

  • advising the Director, Office of Acquisition and Logistics Management (OALM) and senior NIH officials on NIH-wide property, supply, and transportation operations;
  • advising the Director, OALM/HCA, and staff on its research contracting and station support activities;
  • planning, negotiating, awarding, administering, and closing research and development and related contracts for those NIH Institutes and Centers (ICs) electing to employ this centralized service and advising the Directors of those ICs on Research and Development contracting issues;
  • responsible for station support and intramural acquisition operations;
  • managing the acquisition operation program using simplified acquisition, sealed bid, and negotiated contracting procedures;
  • providing for follow-up on orders and for continuing contract administration;
  • providing management and technical assistance (manuals and training guides) to its station support procurement operations;
  • oversight of the Division of Information Technology Acquisition and planning, directing, and administering the operations of the Office.

Sharon L. Clark
Admin Assistant to the Associate Director OLAO
6011 Executive Blvd/637
Phone: 301-594-2847

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