OLAO's Efforts on COVID-19 Response

OLAO is supporting our Department via the immediate Office of the Secretary, ASFR, ASPR, OASH, ASPA, the NIH director, the Executives in NIH Bldg. 1, our NIH labs and the Clinical Center in their research and treatment of the disease COVID-19 by providing acquisition support, medical and laboratory supplies, and much more.

If you have any questions on how OLAO can best support you, please contact Brian Goodger, OLAO Associate Director, at Brian.Goodger@nih.gov


Category Management and Strategic Sourcing

  • DHHS ASFR: Provides cross agency and programs medical supply stabilization, healthcare systems preparedness and resilience, and consolidated low touch tracking system for HHS leadership and operating divisions, also benefiting FEMA, Veterans Health Administration, DOD, Whitehouse and Congress. 
  • DHHS: Establishes and supports a fully integrated multi-disciplinary, multi-sector team to expedite the prioritization of vaccines candidates. 
  • Supply-side Control Tower: Supports the aggregation and organization of multiple data sources, and the building of a set of tools to better understand the supply of medical equipment, supporting FEMA. 
  • Hospital Resiliency Support: Analyzes the expected financial impact of COVID-19 care, across hospitals, clinics, payers, employers and individuals to allow for allocation of funds/assistance nationwide, and collaboration for the determination of potential outcomes, providing ancillary benefits to the Whitehouse, state and federal government, HHS leaders, hospitals, clinics, and indirectly the U.S. Department of the Treasury. 
  • NIH Program Management Support: Provides high level program management support to a number of NIH initiatives addressing the COVID-19 crisis from a variety of angles, enabling Institutes and Centers across the NIH landscape, including NIBIB, OER, ODSS, the Immediate Office of the Director, and others. 
  • DHHS Consulting Services: Secures services of industry-leading experts to provide recommendations to the Immediate Office of the Secretary (IOS), the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), and the Assistant Secretary for Preparedness and Response (ASPR) regarding development and mass production of new COVID-19 vaccine candidates, therapeutics, and diagnostics. 


Division of Logistics Services

  • NIAID: In support of the White House Coronavirus Task Force, the DLS/Transportation Management Branch ensured transportation for Dr. Anthony Fauci. 
  • NIAID: The Freight Management Section offered critical services in support to COVID-19 research at NIH. Their team coordinated and packed more than sixty COVID-19 test kits and coordinated the shipment of patient medications via special carriers.
  • NIH Clinical Center: By procuring and distributing various personal protective equipment (PPE) and disinfecting supplies, the DLS/Supply Management Branch has ensured a ready supply of items needed for uninterrupted COVID-19 screening, safety and security by NIH Police and Fire Departments, and research and patient care activities.


Office of Acquisitions

  • OLAO Office of Acquisition (OA) helped launch the Public Service Advertising campaign, in partnership with the HHS/Assistant Secretary for Public Affairs (ASPA). This task order was awarded on August 31, 2020, for a twelve (12) month period of performance with the potential for one (1) additional year. It was awarded using OA’s Public Information and Communication (PICS II) NIH-wide IDIQ, which is a total small business set-aside. Under this task order, which is valued at more than $250M, the successful contractor Fors Marsh Group will deliver outcomes that will inform and motivate targeted audiences with the information they need to make informed decisions about the prevention and treatment of COVID-19 and the FLU. The campaign includes four main components; 1) Market research, 2) Message and material (PSAs) production, 3) Paid and earned media distribution, and 4) Program management/strategy and evaluation. 
  • NIH: The necessary personal protective equipment (PPE) items for the protection of lab staff, and other NIH personnel performing critical life lengthening work activities. 
  • OASH: Antigen Detection Test Kits for long term care facilities across the county.
  • ASPA: Communication efforts to the public, stakeholders, and our department. 
  • NIH: Using our existing contracts, we quickly responded to NIH acquisition needs for Primate (non-human subject) and other science advancing support in response to COVID-19.



  • NCI: Working with and supporting NCI with COVID-19 acquisition requirements