Office of Acquisitions

The Office of Acquisitions facilitates the process of Acquisition or procurement of buying what the Government needs, as economically as possible, and in compliance with legal and administrative requirements. The NIH procurement function is divided along the lines of extramural and intramural research.

The Office of Acquisitions is divided into five branches and the details of the same are shown below.

R&D Team
Stations Support Blue Team and Stations Support Red Team
Operations Support
Special Contracting
Acquisitions Policy

Office of the Division Director Title  Telephone E-mail Location
Holliday, Gregory Director 301-496-2303 6011/529H
Cortes-Shrank, Susan Deputy Director 301-402-3066 6011/529G
R&D Team Title  Telephone E-mail Location
Rivera, Nora Branch Chief 301-496-8504 6011/ 505B
Stations Support Blue Team and Stations Support Red Team  Title  Telephone E-mail Location
Sweeney, Danielle (Blue Team) Branch Chief 301-402-3065 6011/529R
Worsham, Zedekiah J. (Red Team) Branch Chief 301-402-3407 6011/529J
Operations Support Title  Telephone E-mail Location
Miller, Brendan Branch Chief 301-594-0957 6011/537D
Special Contracting Title  Telephone E-mail Location
Vijaya Murthy Branch Chief 301-402-3067 6011/529G
Acquisition Policy Title  Telephone E-mail  Location
Mary Rainey (Acting) Procurement Analyst  301-594-4101 6011/529Q


Last Modified On: Apr 11, 2017