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OLAO-OA is one of ten (10) NIH Acquisition Offices, servicing the NIH Acquisition Community. OLAO-OA is unique, in that, the organization services the NIH-wide Acquisition Community.  OLAO-OA facilitates the process of procuring government needs, as economically as possible, and in compliance with legal and administrative requirements. The NIH procurement function is divided along the lines of extramural and intramural research.


OLAO-OA is divided into seven (7) branches and the

1.        Research & Development Branch

2.       Stations Support Branch 1

3.       Stations Support Branch 2

4.       Simplified Acquisition Branch

5.       Strategic Contracting Branch

6.       Office of Research Facilities (ORF) Team

7.       Information Technology Team


Our Mission:

The OLAO, Office of Acquisitions produces high-quality value-added acquisition solutions, by collaborating with customers to create economies of scale to be leveraged for customer-focused mission support.

Our Vision:

To be the premier provider of acquisition services across the NIH Acquisition Community…

  • By hiring, training, and retaining a talented acquisition workforce.
  • By using clear and concise policies, industry best practices and standard operating procedures to govern the entire acquisition lifecycle.
  • By employing new technology for better information management in order to produce high-quality work.
  • By ensuring excellent customer engagement and positive customer experiences.


We want to hear from you!  Contact OA  with your comments, suggestions, or questions.                                                                               

OAMP Organizational Structure Chart

Darnese Wilkerson CPCM, MBA, MSGC                                                                                          

Director, OLAO-Office of Acquisition (OA)
Office of Logistics, Acquisitions and Operations (OLAO)
Office of Acquisition, Logistics and Management (OALM)
Office of Management (OM)
Office of the Director (OD)
National Institutes of Health
6701 Rockledge Drive
Bethesda, MD, 20817
Office Phone: (301) 402-3066
Mobile Phone: (240) 425-9688