OLAO Lean Six Sigma

What if you could realize hundred of thousands of dollars in cost avoidance for your office? What if you could reduce completion time for a complex process by 99.5%? What if you could cut inventory shortages in half?

NIH Lean Six Sigma Green Belt candidates have achieved these results (and more like them!) within their own ICs by leveraging Lean Six Sigma methodologies. Have YOU tried Lean Six Sigma?

What is Lean Six Sigma?

Lean Six Sigma (LSS) is a set of methodologies used to systematically improve processes by:

  • Emphasizing quality and/or speed of product or service delivery
  • Eliminating sources of variation and waste (defects)
  • Targeting process improvements around issues voiced by customer and organization
  • Measuring performance against original process requirements (baseline)

Which Lean Six Sigma offering is right for me?

Brown Bag Training: The Office of Logistics and Acquisitions (OLAO) at NIH will be hosting a Brown Bag Session: What is Lean Sigma? For more information: Brown Bag Training

Green Belt Training: A five-day training course for federal employees in which you will learn the details of the LSS DMAIC methodology to improve quality, productivity, customer satisfaction, and/or efficiency while reducing cost and/or waste. Trainees have the option to pursue a Green Belt Certification (see below) after the training by opting to complete a LSS project within their organization. For more information: Green Belt Training

Green Belt Certification: Three elements are required to obtain a LSS Green Belt Certification: (1) Completion of the five-day Green Belt Training, (2) a passing score on the Green Belt Proficiency Exam offered at the end of the training, and (3) successful completion of a 6-12 month Green Belt project with LSS mentoring. For more information: Green Belt Certification Mentoring

Executive Awareness Training: A one-day training course for federal employees on LSS to help you address challenges in your daily responsibilities. This high-level training is predominantly geared towards NIH executives to provide an understanding of LSS and how the methodologies can be applied across their organization. For more information: Executive Awareness Training

How do I register for the next training?

Green Belt Trainings:

Monday, June 17 – Friday, June 21, 2019 NOW ENROLLING Click here to register

Executive Awareness Trainings:

There are currently no Executive Awareness Trainings scheduled. Please express your interest in this training by clicking here.


Contact us at LeanSixSigma@nih.gov